“Today” is the best time to start planning for tomorrow


This blog has been created for educational purposes in an attempt to put a ‘personal/fun’ spin on what ‘most’ people find boring!

It has also been designed to help professionals, in a non-financial based profession, keep up with what’s happening in the financial markets on a monthly basis. It helps them to make better educated decisions with their own finances.

Enjoy and be sure to leave comments!



About the Author:
Sarah Harding is an aspiring Financial Adviser in Sydney, Australia.
Having worked in both larger organisations and smaller businesses, it is evident that there is a lack of females in the financial advice industry throughout Australia.
Sarah believes this means there is a huge opportunity, for female advisers to educate females within our society, around the benefits of being proactive with their finances. ‘These days’ it is not a wise idea to rely on a man for your financial plan!
Sarah Harding completed a Bachelor of Business (Finance),  a Diploma of Financial Planning & a Masters of Applied Finance. She is expecting to complete her CFP accreditation in 2015. 
Having purchased her first property at 22, she has a personal interest in the property market along with starting a portfolio of shares.
This keeps her interested in the wider financial markets also having a keen passion for politics. 
Coming from a family of business owners and entrepreneurs, she planning on starting a financial advisory business in Sydney within the next 12 months.
She is also interested in learning more about the private equity industry having a keen passion for business. 
 Her vision to grow, learn and expand maybe even one day internationally. 



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